The professionals at JRW Service Corp are experts at managing and supporting information technology for enterprises large and small.

We help our clients achieve freedom from IT downtime, freedom from being swamped by end-user support hassles, and freedom from the headaches of keeping up with technology choices and upgrades.

When you need to upgrade your existing IT infrastructure or implement new systems and applications to meet business challenges, you can depend on JRW. Our business IT consulting professionals handle IT planning, budgeting, organizational and technology alignment, and environment audits.

Your government or corporate enterprise can realize substantial benefits from JRW’s IT services:


  • Lower your IT costs and get better ROI
  • Improve uptime and productivity
  • Ensure your software and hardware is properly licensed
  • Strengthen system security
  • Experience fewer end-user support interruptions
  • Avoid unplanned charges and replacements
  • Align your technology with your business objectives
Whether you need to develop an IT strategy, meet the demands of growing business, perform needs analysis, or develop a custom IT solution, JRW Service Corp can help.

We are experts at managing and supporting IT operations for a wide range of clients including small businesses, global enterprises, and state and federal government agencies.

We help our clients achieve new freedom from IT downtime, end-user support issues, and the burden of keeping up with technology choices and upgrades. Our services and custom IT software and solutions allow you to focus on your core business.

With JRW Service Corp, your business or government agency can be supported by IT, rather than supporting IT.

Software Design

JRW provides cutting-edge computer software solutions to businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Our services include organizational needs analysis, consulting, network system design, software development, and training and support for our custom and proprietary software solutions.

We create software that is easy to understand and easy to use, and we provide our clients with information on how to use our software to enhance productivity and efficiency.

JRW’s software development services include enterprise solution development; content management system development; SAP custom development and consulting; web portals development including communities and networks, media streaming, online marketplaces, and remote consulting systems; and embedded software development.

For our clients we provide customized system integration, enterprise application development, and comprehensive support, as well as enterprise application integration and web integration, data migration, cross-platform porting, legacy system re-engineering, and independent testing of your solution.

Our goal is to measurably improve your bottom line by maximizing the full potential of your computer systems. We are focused on the business objectives of your organization, and we approach information technologies as a means to help you move forward.

Website Design

In today’s competitive marketplace, your enterprise needs an effective, search-engine-friendly website that conveys your message and demands a response. When you turn to JRW Service Corps for a new website or a makeover, you will be partnering with a professional communications company that prides itself on creating powerful custom web design that moves your business forward.

At JRW, we know that professional website development requires a lot more than flashy graphics, bells and whistles, and stock photos or clip art. We take the time to get to know you and your goals, and every web page we create is carefully tailored to your needs and expectations.

We use tried-and-tested web design principles, usability studies, and new web development technology that will help your organization deliver more to potential customers. Our professional staff know web site design inside and out, and we deliver quality, clean website development and outstanding customer support.

Trust JRW for:
  • Powerful landing pages
  • Effective squeeze pages
  • Safe and secure E-commerce solutions
  • SEO text for higher page ranking
  • Graphics that tell your story
  • Seamless navigation
  • Website design that will position you above the competition
  • Functionality that is browser and computer compatible
  • Versatility that makes upgrading and updating simple and practical

Information Security

Information Systems Security is a paramount concern to today’s corporation. Ensuring your Information Systems are secure is a protection in your investment and over the customer data you are trusted to house.

JRW leverages several Penetration Testing techniques that help to disclose the level of difficulty involved in entering your networked systems. What systems, information, and databases may be at risk. Finally, how to mitigate the uncovered risks and ensure the systems are properly guarded from the outside world.

Our testing is performed to mimic the newest techniques and approaches to hacking as well as well-known vulnerabilities which your systems may be exposed to. The JRW team will work with your corporation to understand how to best protect your data and systems from the many vulnerabilities and hacking methods available. From the computer engineer to the 12 year old with ‘script kiddy’ tools, through the intrinsically motivated black hat hacker.

JRW will provide your corporation with an initial consultation to understand the organizations concerns and follow up with a comprehensive written report and plan. This report and plan will provide an overview of the testing performed and discuss the methods used. Finally your organization will be provided with a plan to address issues uncovered during the penetration and systems security auditing process.

Because Information Systems security is not something that can have a one size fits all Band-Aid applied, our approach provides a robust testing and solutions set. This will allow your organization to rest easily knowing that your sensitive data and systems are protected.