Government Consulting

Government Consulting

JRW Service Corp’s professionals are skilled in the management of private and government enterprise projects.

Our clients experience the peace of mind of a well-structured project, and are kept apprised of the status of their projects through our “communication-centric” approach.

JRW’s approach to project management is customized to meet each client’s needs. We will analyze your environment, the needs driving your project, the time constraints, budget constraints, and quality constraints, and will work to be sure each is fully met.

We will apply our unique and interpersonal knowledge of WIC programs and program requirements when working with you. The JRW staff is highly experienced in WIC program requirements and has worked with USDA, FNS, and regional staff in interpreting these requirements.

Our clients benefit from working with a team that has seen unique WIC program challenges (Clinic, Budgetary, FNS requirements) and knows federal requirements including grant requirements, system implementation, and food rule requirements.

JRW’s tool set allows for highly visible risk management, and allows programs to be more or less integrated in the details of the project as they would prefer.
JRW is knowledgeable of the APD PAPD process and can help you in creating your APD documentation successfully to include cost analysis (CA) on the efficiency of a program, cost-effectiveness (CEA), and/or cost-benefit (CBA) studies.

We oversee documentation or data normally included in a PAPD submission, APD Executive Summary, contract provisions, annual APDU update submissions, and maintenance and operations (M&O) w/enhancements.

JRW’s Project Management services include:
  • Project consulting
  • Daily management
  • Project schedule development
  • Project schedule management
  • Project plan creation
  • Project analysis
  • Contractor management
  • Software development management
  • Software testing management
  • Steering committee development

JRW Service Corp can help you make your program’s vision a reality and ensure the quality management of state employees.